Edward Scissorhands #2


tumblr_nakr1vNItC1rojbapo1_1280The Edward Scissorhands comic takes place long after the movie, after Kimberly Boggs has passed away. Her granddaughter, Meg, grew up fascinated by the stories of Edward but Meg’s mother dismissed the aging Kimberly crazy. Edward is still alone in his castle. He keeps up with the daily happens of the town through the newspaper. In the second issue, Edward has just awakened one of the Doctor’s older creations, robot boy he calls Eli. Edward finds that Eli was decommissioned and proven hostile. Eli escapes the castle to look for the part of him that is missing. Meg learns that the stories of Edward are true and decides the visit the castle. She gets in the gates and runs into Edward. Edward wonders if Kim has finally come to see him again.

The story is a continuation of the cult classic movie. It’s intriguing how it is revealed that Kim never moved on from her love for Edward. She defended him to the end. The story line with Eli is a different twist. He has wandered away from Edward and has begun to cause mischief. It’s unclear what his intentions are since he has no dialog or facial expressions to read.  It will be interesting to see how Eli plays into the story line with Kimberly’s Granddaughter.

The style of the comics is very similar to Tim Burton’s own artistic style. It should come as no surprise since the artist, David Rauch, has also done work with some of Tim Burton’s other beloved characters. It is also very reminiscent of the Beetlejuice cartoon series that aired in the 90’s. The cooler color pallets used in Edward’s panels show the dreary loneliness of his castle, while the warmer color pallets show the world living on without him.

Fans of the Tim Burton classic will enjoy the next chapter of the story of the boy with the scissor hands.


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