Penguins of Madagascar: The Feathers Will Fly! #1 of 4


penguins_2.jpg.size-600The Penguins of Madagascar comics are based on the characters from the movie Madagascar. The comic is has two short stories and activity pages. The first story has the mischievous penguin crew reroute a sewer pipe into their hideout so they could get some better food. The local sewer rats are not pleased with this and challenge the penguins to a fight. It’s up the penguins to outsmart the army of rats in “The Great Drain Robbery!” The second story finds the penguins out for a night at the movies. Skipper’s cousin is in the new “Waddle of the Penguins” movie. They get mistaken as valets and get handed the keys to a car belonging to one of the movie’s stars. The penguins take the car for a spin for a fun night on the town.

The short stories are very kid friendly and great for young readers. The adventures are similar to the stories from the cartoon series of the same name. Parents can appreciate the references to pop culture such as the reference to the move “March of the Penguins.” The lay out of the comic is fairly basic and easy to follow, which is ideal for comics that are geared for a younger audience. The comic also features a character introduction, personality quiz, a poster and game pages.

Check out this comic if you know a young reader who can’t get enough of the Penguins of Madagascar.


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