Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story #3 or How Not to Write Women in Comics


STK650880After reading this comic a few weeks ago I was angry. So angry that it took me a few weeks to piece together what I wanted to say in regards to my feelings and opinions on the third installment of the mini-series. I tried to forgive the explosive erection of man in Issue #2 for hopes that writer Tom Waltz was willing to turn it back around to building on the existing cannon with careful thought and detail. But no.

In Issue #3 we find out the sordid details of how far Anne was willing to go for revenge. She felt that sleeping with her boss for the potential of a transfer of the man whom attacked and paralyzed her father, who she identifies as his killer. When you are looking for revenge you take action. You don’t rely on being passive in the hopes that other will provide you the opportunity. Sex for blackmail? Yes, that’s an acceptable response from someone brimming with hate. No wait, it’s not. I even understand the destruction of her marriage to feed her need for justice. It’s an insatiable feeling that you will stop at nothing to fill.

Writer Tom Waltz doesn’t care about Anne. He’s using what’s easy and convenient in regards to over sexualizing her as a reason for her stay in Silent Hill. Where this perspective from another officer, or from the son of the slain officer, this would be a different story. He would not be available to his superior as Anne was to hers. He would beget a more violent path to get his revenge. Just because Anne is a woman doesn’t make it good storytelling to use presumed child abuse, assumed rape, cheating and using sex as a bargaining chip (without any collateral) for revenge. People do bad things to get to where they are within the thickening fog. Being a woman shouldn’t be one of them.

My biggest issue is that I am going to be one of few, maybe only one, who takes offence to poorly written Anne. I love Silent Hill and I’ve tried to play through everything I can get my hands on for every system I’ve owed. I enjoyed going through Downpour and was excited to get something more from Anne’s Story. I’m disappointed as a writer, a gamer, and a woman. You get only one more shot Waltz to make something better. Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story #3 is available now from IDW.


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