Thor 2: Quick, Say Something Badass


thor2Thor continued this month with the second issue of the new storyline. Finally we get to see the Goddess of Thunder in action as she tests her wings…er hammer. As with the first comic, your head will spin from all the action as the plot begins to weave together. Malekith, who is now wearing Thor’s arm like a trophy/bad pendant, continues to lead his Frost Giant army against an ill-prepared Earth. The giants, with their penchant for destruction, have already proven to be too much to handle by some of Earth’s finest. The world needs Thor, and pronto. Meanwhile, our new Goddess is on the moon…trying to figure out how to fly.

I couldn’t be happier with this issue. Writer Jason Aaron writes scenes that make me literally laugh out loud. His tongue in cheek approach to the series has just the right balance of action and humor. Thor #2 shows our mystery Goddess powerful, but very believable. She’s not quite sure how everything works just yet. To express this Aaron keeps her private thoughts and actual speech in separate bubbles. This clever approach allows you inside the new Goddess’s mind. Take for example the scene where she utterly destroys her first enemy (surprising even herself). Her first thought? “Oh Man, Oh wow. Quick, say something badass.” Awesome. Her reactions to her new role and abilities are highly entertaining. It’s also interesting to note that her inner voice clearly lacks the Asgardian speech pattern, but her speaking voice takes on the “thous and thees” of Thor.

malekithOn the ‘bad guys’ front, Dario Agger is quickly becoming a favorite villain. The evil corporate exec is introduced in a nameplate panel that reads, “Dario Agger, Roxxon CEO and occasional minotaur.” He takes corporate douchiness and crushing disregard for human life to a new extreme, saying, “There’s no evacuation. We’ll fight these beasts to the last hourly worker. I don’t care how many job postings we have to list come Monday.” Malekith is one of my favorites as well. The character is so dynamic and colorful (which only reinforces how much his personality was lacking in the movie).

Artist Russell Dauterman and colorist Matthew Wilson always stun me with their work. The fight scenes are beautifully laid out, and the coloring is gorgeous (sooo pretty shiny…). Yeah Frost Giants exploding into pieces = badass. I love how they keep the visual interest high, with just little touches. For example, in one scene the panels are odd geometric shapes instead the normal ones. Even little stuff like that changes it up and keeps it interesting. Plus, everything is always very well drawn.


Now naturally, the issue leaves off on a cliffhanger. **Minor Spoiler alert**

Thor becomes separated from her hammer, begging the question, what will happen? Will she transform back to her original form, ala Donald Blake? Will she still be able to fight? Job well done, Aaron. I am now even more intrigued. I want answers, dammit! Patience is not one of my virtues. Not even a little. Sigh.

I really couldn’t be happier with this comic. I love it, my husband loves it, and I highly recommend it to everyone, and anyone. Your mom, your uncle, your cat, your dog, anyone. It’s supremely well written, the art is gorgeous and not once have I had to stop and say, “Ugh, well that scene was gratuitous.” It’s just good story, people. Read it. Read it now.

Thor #2 is available from Marvel Comics



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