I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas: Mistress of Death Macabre Holiday Gift Guide


Sometimes Holiday shopping isn’t all carols and bells. Sometimes that special someone in your life delights in the macabre and unusual. Don’t be afraid, the Mistress of Death is here to help you in your quest to get just that right gift for those who don’t like to stand in the light of normal.

Something Different:

aKNITomy Dissection Model

il_fullxfull.253591098Animal dissection is a messy process, although highly education. Thanks to Etsy store aKNITomy, you can now provide curious loved ones with knitted creatures with explorable organs and easy cleanup. Animals range from snakes and frogs to bats and even an alien. They range from the low 40$ to about the mid 100$s.




Membership to the Thanatos Archive

membership6Does that special person treasure Post-Mortem photography? Do they delight in the funeral masks of the famous and no-so-famous? Do they really love medical maladies and vintage photography? The Thanatos Archive collects vintage post-mortem photographs, as well as offers prints for purchase and a chat board for those who want to ask questions and find out more about the photographs they’ve seen. I will admit I joined back in August and love it. The group adds new photographs weekly. Be aware, some of the photography is disturbing and just plain heartbreaking.

Memberships for the Thanatos Archive may be purchased here.

Scents from Akima Botanicals

5new1If perfume is more the gift of choice, Akima Botanicals offers a great set of fragrances and roll-on scents for the lady with a more interesting idea of names. Cemetery is one of the best-sellers. Fear not; it smells like roses and other floral scents, not corpses. Akima also offers spicy scents like Bakers Dozen, Mabon and Kitchen Witch. The essences are small-batch made and natural, making it easy for people like me who are gifted with very sensitive pale skin. It’s also helpful that creator, Kimberly Morgan happens to be an incredible human being as well



Would you prepare to get them jewelry? We’ve got some suggestions for you as well:

Bone Jewelry



For jewelry with that small animal skull flair, look no further than BoneJewelry.net. With bats, birds and even human teeth, their creations are morbid and oddly beautiful. I found it difficult to not leave without purchasing something, but as several of these items are on my Christmas list, I will wait patiently.




Blood Milk Jewelry

Blood Milk Jewelry- Nesting in the Underworld Ring $225

Blood Milk Jewelry- Nesting in the Underworld Ring $225

Does your Lady’s (or Gentleman’s) taste run more towards skulls and crystals? Do we have a store for you. Blood Milk Jewelry may not be the cheapest, but holy moly do they have some items that make my black little heart jump with joy. The Nesting in the Underworld ring below is my favorite.



Ossuaria Jewelry

Ribcage02If you’ve got the cash, Ossuaria Jewelry has some of the most stunning bone jewelry pieces on the market. Her bones are all acquired through ethical means: roadkill, found dead animals, etc, and are hand treated and assembled by artist and owner Kristin Bunyard. The pieces are not just jewelry, but truly works of art.






Susan Kniffin Davidson

il_fullxfull.657860537_4eanEver wanted a two-headed baby planter? How about strange ceramic baby hands that you can attach to the wall like some terrifying unearthly reminder of a constantly ticking biological clock? Susan Kniffin Davidson has you covered. She also has a wide variety of bowls and cups designed like half a yawning baby head.






Bending 3D

il_fullxfull.620217837_zl1mWant the joy of a diseased monkey head in your home without all those legal and biological hangups? Bending 3D comes to the rescue of those who love the weird and wonderful with their line of replicas. Don’t worry, no severe brain worms here; just replica plastic.




Parkers and Quinn

Cthulu Steampunk Leather Decor Pillow

Cthulu Steampunk Leather Decor Pillow

Are Leather masks and stamping more your gig? Do you need a new costume or maybe just a really awesome pillow? Parkers and Quinn does handmade leatherwork right. My personal favorite is the handstamped Cthulu pillow. Remember, they do custom work as well but you need to get your orders in early!






Canary Suicide 

fgwholeSo she has enough pillow and creepy jars? I bet she doesn’t have a custom made Canary Suicide. Created ETHICALLY by artist Catherine Coan, The Canary Suicides are an art project that she also offers custom creations for. Get your orders in early.







Did you find the perfect macabre gift? Share it in the comments section below.


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