Review: Sally of the Wasteland #4



Who makes a more unrelenting horror: mutated cannibals or zombies? Once a zombie infects you, you die and just become another zombies. Zombies are efficient propagating machines. Mutated cannibals can outsmart you, lead you into a trap, and eat you. Mutated cannibals are f*&ked up.

The events of Sally of the Wasteland #3 did not prepare for me for the devastating body count the fourth issue presented.  Apparently the Cthulu-like monster from the third issue placed the whole party into a dream state where they all had idyllic southern lifestyles (except for one member, that was pretty awkward). The Cthulu-like monster must have watched a bit too much Sailor Moon since it just wanted to suck the dream energy out of them. The party is saved by a surviving, muscled bamazon and the fun floats away like a dream. From that point on, the comic takes on a more serious and desperate run for survival. So many people died. Some earned their deaths, some were surprising in a very Whedonesque way.

The issue ends with what every post-apocalyptic tale contains: a secret organized military-like force rescuing our characters. The device that was leading them somewhere that seemed like paradise contained a tracking beacon. Maybe this will give another answer to what happened to the world.

Four issues so far and there has been a lot of jokes, a lot of monsters, a lot of sexual innuendos (the Cthulhu-monster panels invoke a lot of tentacle action and fan service). There has also been an increasing threat of danger to the characters. Not a lot has been shown on what happened to the world or how is humankind surviving. This is a story that reminds me of another story. A story that I may have seen on TV. Where a group of people band together during a time of absolute horror and desperation on the flimsiest grounded rumor of hope ::cough, terminus, cough:: Cannibals have already been established. What new fresh new horror shall be wrought upon the character? How many times will we see Sally naked?

Just a side note, it makes sense for most of the people to be really fit and muscled. Keeping peak physical health to outrun from horrors like cannibals is a pretty good priority.


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