Doctor Who: Revenge of the Swarm from Big Finish Audio


revengeoftheswarm_cover_largeFor many Whovians there reaches that horrifying realization that you’ve watched every available episode of Doctor Who from Hartnell to Capaldi. You’ve read the books, scanned the BBC specials and even found some hard to find episodes on sites such as Daily Motion or Youtube. In the words of former Doctor Who writer Douglas Adams, DON’T PANIC. Thanks to the hardwork of the company Big Finish Audio you can experience new adventures of some classic Doctors.

In “Revenge of the Swarm,” the Sixth Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) and his explosive companion Ace (Sophie Aldred) face a foe known previously to the 4th Doctor; The Swarm. With fellow traveler Hex/Hector (Philip Olivier), the group approaches Titan Base and discovers that there has been an outbreak of a nasty virus through the facilities. Ace is infected and Hector is quickly taken over by the Nucleus of the Swarm. The facility is all too keen to take Ace in, as they have never had a live victim of the virus to study. Most of the infected perish in a few hours. Ace is to be studied and treated for the disease. However, this isn’t the end of the Swarm. This virus has much darker plans that span centuries. The Doctor must defeat the Swarm and help rescue two generations of those who study the Virus.

For fans of Doctor Who whom have never seen Ace take out a Dalek with a baseball bat, stop right now and go watch this:

Ace is not only a total badass, but also great at blowing up pretty much whatever the Doctor needs her to. She trusts the Doctor and is one of the last great companions of the Classic Doctor Who Series. To hear Sophie Aldred’s voice again was a great delight, especially alongside Sylvester McCoy. Big Finish does an excellent job of gathering the original voices of characters and managing to keep the storylines in cannon so that they are not way off base. Aldred and McCoy work together in a loving Father/Daughter kind of way that is nearly impossible to duplicate. Their favor for each other can be heard, even in their acting.

Big Finish Audio offers Revenge of the Swarm in both audio download format and a CD set. Both include behind the scenes discussions with the cast as bonus features. These are great for those folks who like to know the details behind the story they’ve just heard. It also allows those on a busy schedule to experience another adventure of the Doctor while at the gym, driving to work, or being stuck on a train or plane this holiday.



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