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The adventures of the Lumberjanes concludes in this eighth issue. Some questions have been answered and the girls have survived many obstacles in their way but one of their friends is now just a rock statue. So now what?

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So poor Jo is now a statue thanks to the tricks of Artemis/Diane.Turning Jo into a rock statue and transporting her soul (?)  to a different plane enabled the reveal of the next puzzle piece. Reluctant to help Diane but necessary to save Jo, the Lumberjanes solve the puzzles which will lead to obtaining the ultimate power for Artemis and Apollo.

By now, readers should know that despite the silly antics this is  very resourceful and witty group of friends. They may have helped Artemis/Diane but they also manage to foil plans. Don’t worry, Jo does get saved.

The issue essentially ties up every point of the story with with pretty flourish. As with all the previous issues, the solutions were simple and had some connection to friendship. Taken as a whole from the first issue, it is all just one single adventure affirming their friendship. It was meant to be taken as a light frolic through the woods and it delivered on it. Lumberjanes has been a silly, straightforward episode of a camping adventure.  It has become a favorite among many readers particularly females bringing a whole new slew of visitors to comic book stores. The art style was unconventional and unique.Yet another way that Greek mythology is being used in stories. The message of friendship is very sweet.

Just like lollipop, the sweet flavor has been ingested and gnawing on the nit pick stick has commenced.

There are so many questions and ideas that niggle the mind after reading it. Did any of Lumberjanes change or grow throughout this adventure? Other than Jo being turned into a rock statue, all of the characters remained the same. They were all friends from the beginning and were still friends at the end. There was no real depth to the “power” of their friendship since it wasn’t really challenged. Even saving Jo was kind of anti-climatic. Maybe if I saw how they became friends, this may have changed my mind about it. The only person who really changed at all was Jen. She went from someone who was grounded and followed the rules to someone who went on an adventure. Jen stepped out of her comfort zone to reveal her intelligence and bravery.  None of the Lumberjanes earned that respect for me. By the end of the story, they remained the same clique.

Exploring the dark, misty world where Jo went to would have completely changed the tone of the story. Even having her die would have been really upsetting. It just really reminds me of a certain shocking Doctor Who finale episode where Clara ends up at this dark place after saving the Doctor. It’s this unsatisfying sense that after ending up at a scary place, nothing happened. It was just easily solved. Clara walked away and Jo’s friends hugged her. End of problem. That really cuts down on the danger. Nothing was testing the characters or their friendships. No one sacrificed or learned anything. Funny enough, Lumberjanes reminds of Steven Moffat: the story is shiny and fluffy but it explains nothing.

It’s really hard to believe that after all of that, Artemis and Apollo are picked up by their father (THAT cannot be Zeus. Just no way.Too silly). These are Greek gods who use use any flimsy excuse to cause havoc and hell. Granted, in this version the twins are a pair of annoying teenagers. Still, they have all of this power and nothing. Plus, who is the camp leader? Does she represent some Greek persona? It’s been awhile since I studied up on this.

The story did not make me a hardcore fan of the stories. It was enjoyable enough to keep reading but the lack of any depth irked the mind. It is easy to see why this comic is so well received and appreciated.  If WeLoveFine sells merchandise based off your work,then your doing something pretty solid.

The success of the series may garner another adventure but no news on that. The creator of the series, Noelle Stevenson, will be part of writing the new Thor series which Fangirl Nation has reported on before. Editor’s note: Lumberjanes popularity was great enough that it is going to be an ongoing series.

Lumberjanes #8 is available from Boombox studios at your local comic book retailer December 2014.


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