Review: Over the Garden Wall #1


otgw Two brothers are lost in the woods. A misleading foreboding premise that eventually reveals the beginnings of a whimsical adventure. There is a sass-talking blue bird acting as a guide. Conventional norms are not present here.

As aforementioned, the brothers, Wirt and Greg, are lost in the woods. A blue bird struggles to guide them along as the older brother, Wirt sulks about losing a girl. They burst from the woods and find a bunch of “soldiers” on a inverted chapeau. Immediately Baron Munchausen came to mind. The issue continues on in its wacky, weird, story telling way.

The mastermind behind Over the Garden Wall lies within an ex Adventure Time creative director, Patrick McHale. This is first try at writing a comic book and it’s a pretty decent. There is only one thing that kept me from enjoying this comic. It was a sense of perpetual confusion. A sense that I was lost, jumping into a story without any pretense.There was a good reason for my confusion. This was a comic based off of a recently released animated series on Cartoon Network of the same name.

Ever find out about something really intriguing only to realize that you discovered it in a backwards sort of way? This was how learning about this comic was like.

According to an interview by Nerdist industries, the comic is a scrapped episode from the series. It is between episode 2 and episode 3. Which essentially means nothing to a person who has not watched the mini-episodes on Cartoon Network. It is pretty frustrating since there are parts of this story and animation that compels me to know more. Without access to the channel, glimpses of the animation torture me.

For those that have been able to catch the animated series on Cartoon Network, this comic may be a very entertaining bonus. The rest of us are just going to have to impatiently wait until we can watch the series.

Over the Garden Wall #1 is now available from KaBoom! studios at your local comic book retailer.




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