Small Business Saturday: Places for Fangirl Inspired Gifts


So you decided to hide inside under the covers on Black Friday (and you’re in good company), but you’re still looking for some holiday gifts for the Fangirls, Geeks and Nerds in your life that don’t come from a big box store. To celebrate #SmallBusinessSaturday we’ve come up with a list of awesome folks to check out today:

Espionage Cosmetics

I don’t know how much more I can love these people, but every month they manage to make my heart grow three sizes.



Reasons We Love Them:

  • Firefly, Game of Thrones, Borderlands…yeah, they’ve got makeup sets for all of them
  • Good Quality nail wraps that show your geeky love
  • Really amazing Customer Support and Staff who live the Fangirl Life and love their customers
  • Crazy active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook


Subversive Cross Stitch

Snarky, apropos and often hilarious, Subversive Cross Stitch makes easy to create patterns and kits for that crafty and sarcastic person in your life.


Reasons We Love Them

  • The original patterns are laugh out loud funny
  • Their e-mail blasts are funny and sound like they’ve come from a close friend
  • Warning: If you’re opposed to foul-mouth humor and liquor-related jokes you will be offended; this works great if you’re trying to keep uptight relatives out of your bathroom.


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

This is one of those gorgeous stores that you discover and sob openly because you don’t know how you lived without their weird blend of esoteric and geeky scents.


Reasons We Love Them

  • What other scent company has a RPG Themed set and did a special set for Only Lovers Left Alive? ¬†Or The Dark Crystal? Labyrinth? Coraline?
  • The Sin and Salvation set is perfect for the dark individual in your life
  • There are both feminine and masculine scents, so nobody gets left out.


Clockwork Couture

If you’re clothing and lifestyle leans more towards the Victoriania or Steampunk style, Clockwork Couture has you covered.


Reasons We Love Them

  • They are avid Convention attendees
  • They do animal rescue!
  • They carry Doctor Who themed items and have a collection called F*CK Yeah Octopus
  • Clockwork Couture carries a variety of sizes and has collections for both men and women.


Four Letter Word Cards

If you’re leaning more towards sending a card with cash than doing any hardcore shopping, this girl has you covered. Her cards involve snark, some swearing, and some loving insults.


Reasons We Love Them:

  • Woman-owned small business
  • The cards are freakin’ funny
  • No one should take the holidays too seriously.


Shrouded Grove

Looking for Fantasy-based handmade geekery? Look no further than Shrouded Grove.


Reasons We Love Them


Unicorn Crafts

If cute crafts are your thing and Kawaii is your life, you’ll love Unicorn Crafts.


Reason We Love Them:


Spiffing Jewelry

Looking for something a bit nerdy, but more jewelry? Spiffing Jewelry takes nerdy quotes and puts them on bangles, keychains and earrings. Warning, due to production times you need to have your orders in my December 7th to guarantee Christmas delivery.


Reasons We Love Them

  • Disney, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Wars and Harry Potter all make appearances on this site
  • You’ve likely seen these on Pinterest’s Geek Board
  • Geek Jewelry? ‘Nuff said.


Wicked Skatewear


Reasons We Love Them

  • B-Train and Strychnine are both awesome, nerdy and dyed in the wool derby girls
  • Their dogs are part of everything they do
  • They go to conventions, ship on time and do custom derby uniforms.
  • I love them forever, and they give league discounts if you’re an active skating derby girl.


The Crafty Celts


Reason We Love Them

  • Jewelry that looks historically accurate
  • They made things for the History Channel’s show Vikings
  • They also make jewelry for the Society of Creative Anachronisms (aka SCA woot woot!)

Is there a small business you love? Did we miss them? Put them in our comments so more people can discover what you love and support small businesses!



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