Review: Sally of the Wasteland #5



If Sally’s nudity in the previous issues were amusing, prepare for full frontal nudity. A much needed levity after the utter devastation in the previous issue.

During a time that is post-post-post apocalyptic, the world has become a scary place. There are ridiculously huge mutated creatures, cannibals, and Cthulu-like monsters. Humans are still around and have adapted to this strange world. They are fit and way less hesitant towards violence. Even now, two things are of key importance: survival and knocking boots. `

Last issue, Sally was rescued only to be quickly tazed unconscious.  We are greeted with some interesting panels of Sally floating completely naked. These panels may incite the mind to play the opening song of Barberella. Rudely awakened by a cold shower (possible in-joke to the male demographics), a stunned Sally finds herself in the hands of the Oppenheimer Enclave (oh, that doesn’t sound ominous at all…).  Through a very “helpful” orientation video that promises pie, the Enclave’s goal is to preserve as much of humanity. How this is done is not very known. Only that there is a breeding program and some consciousness are uploaded. I smell Cybermen influence here.

Tommy meanwhile is strapped to a whole bunch of wires. The chair is keeping him alive from his massive blood loss but they are also uploading his conscious. Sally’s response is to f*@k it all and proceeds a rescue mission that jeopardizes the hundreds of people living in that facility. She triggers the automatic destruction of the facility (apparently it’s super easy to do so, since she just shot at the console a couple of times) and rushes through the panicked herd to rescue Tommy.

Sally can haul a$$! She was able to drag Tommy out and into a convenient nearby speedboat in 7 minutes!

Sally’s selfishness is a definite character flaw and blessing. Some people would have been horrified that she would sacrifice hundreds of people to save one guy who she has feelings for. For this environment, it makes sense. Everyone looks out for their own and who they care about. The multitudes of unknown in that building are meaningless beings who have become obstacles. Take down the obstacles and survive. Sally may get distracted by pie but who doesn’t get distracted by pie. Horrible people.

There is also a noticeable trend to the “boss horrors” in this comic. They are presented beautifully with some suspense. The motives are minimal but the one-liners are maxed.Only the cannibals have been the legitimate threat. The hooked up leader of the Enclave really reminds me of the Weyland from Prometheus. The smugness, being elderly, and generally a character that should be rebelled against.  Despite the comics not really going into much depth on the bosses, it still does a way better story line than Prometheus.

Just to add to the pop culture references that this issue brought to mind, the swarmy professor reminds me of Neil Patrick Harris as Barney from “How I Met Your Mother” if Barney was playing Dr. Horrible. Whoa, pop culture-ception.

The issue ends with a question. This better not end. The fun has barely begun.  There is still so much I want to know! I want more Sally! I don’t really care about Tommy but Sally!!They have to survive. They ran from freakin’ cannibals!! Although I really doubt the integrity of that rock slab they were hiding behind but come on!

Revel in the post-apocalyptic grindhouse shenanigans as Sally of the Wasteland #5 is available from Titan comics December 2014.



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