Review: Godzilla Rulers of Earth Issue #18


GODZILLA_ROE_18_cvrGodzilla Rulers of Earth issue #18 really plays upon the horror aspect of Kaiju. It’s not just about monsters destroying cities, killing people but they are horrific in their own right to each other.  Chris Mowry and Matt Frank have taken the horror up a notch in issue #18, and it’s a welcome direction for the story to go if you ask me.

Ebriah almost dies in a very horrible way that turns out to be great foreshadowing. Megaguirus makes an appearance and as always is a tough foe for the big G. Then in a truly horrific cliffhanger Godzilla is left facing what would be certain death if it weren’t Godzilla. Actually I don’t know how the King of the Monsters gets out of this one. Maybe he doesn’t. It wouldn’t be the first time Godzilla dies and Minya grows up and takes the title. We’ll just have to wait until issue #19 to see what happens next.

The writing is very good in this comic but very different from Godzilla Cataclysm. Rulers of Earth is a good Godzilla comic, and I’ve been enjoying it. The different voices of the authors are interesting and a great contrast. It keeps multiple Godzilla comics from feeling like the same one, because they are not; they are very different not just in content but in tone and voice. IDW is doing very well by having writers with such different styles author each.

Matt Frank does the art while Josh Perez does the colors and the issue is beautifully done. The sense of scale they manage to convey in their art is fantastic and I find the whole thing somewhat haunting. Godzilla should be a little bit horrible. He’s a Kaiju. Terror is too crass for Godzilla, it seems right that there should be an element of horror and Rulers of Earth have captured it.

I  recommend this comic to anyone who enjoys giant monster stories, dinosaur stories or any kind of creature feature. It’s well done and it really goes back to the horror and awe of Godzilla’s roots.

Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #18 is available now from IDW.






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