Review: Wayward #4


Wayward04_CoverANo guiding mission, no prophecy, no mentor. Just glowing ribbons that show a pathway that only one person can see. That is enough to bind four teenagers, each with different supernatural power. Set in a place densely layered with history, creatures, and mysteries.

After rescuing the newest member of the group from the last issue (review of Wayward #3 can be found here), the group convenes once again to discuss what’s the next step. It seems like a week has gone by now. Rori is named the leader and they all decide (for not solid reason or than it’s there) to follow where the ribbons of light that only Rori can see go. This leads to a pretty brutal trap. The trap does give a sliver of a reveal that Rori’s mother has a much bigger role in this story.

The trap was pretty brutal in terms that the teenagers were pretty reckless to put themselves in such a dangerous situation. There isn’t a sense of complete doom since the Akane and Shirai are kicking a lot of demon a$$. Even the newest member, Nikaido, packs a wallop of power to the group.

This is a quiet issue ending with some reveal slivers. Not enough to shed a light on what is going on but enough to show that something big is happening.

What is drawing me into this story is that this isn’t a typical mutant/superhero pattern. There is no purpose or mission for this group of teenagers. No super magical cat or creature guiding them along. There is  (as of now) no main villain for them to fight against. No motive other than the need for others like themselves. The comic is showing these characters as teenagers first, powers secondary. We see mostly of Rori’s back story with her self-mutilation (which the writer address in back of this issue), her slippery grasp of the culture around her, and the sheer loneliness of it all. This group is her only solid foundation at the moment. With this group she is able to stand taller, become more confident, and just be herself.

There is still a mystery of what motivates the other characters to join her. Do they also feel the need for others like themselves? Were they guided to her by unknown forces? Are they there to protect her? Or to hurt her?

Wayward #4 is available from Image comics at your local comic book retailer December 2014


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