Angel & Faith: Season 10 Issue #9

24878Blast from the past moment for me. The last time I remember reading or watching anything related to Angel was in high school! Needless to say, I was excited to read this issue of Angel & Faith composed by Joss Whedon, Will Conrad and Victor Gischler. Seeing as to how it has been some time since I read an Angel comic I was extremely happy to see a synopsis on the third page detailing what the character’s were up to and why. This helped set the tone for what I was getting into and it enabled me to be prepared for an abrupt jump into a rather unfamiliar season for me.
The chapter begins in chaos. Angel is struggling to be free of a witch whose power has grown excessively since the magical laws were reset. To make matters worse, the town she is living in feeds her magical nature and strengthens her already impressive arsenal of spells. The contention between the two lies in the witch’s desire to resurrect her lost love (Warren) and Angel’s worry over the repercussions of resurrection. After a tussle, Angel gains possession of Warren’s remains and quickly exits the scene, much to the witch’s chagrin.
Cutting over to Faith, the reader is told that she and two others are attempting to set free from imprisonment a certain Riley Finn and his band of soldiers. Riley’s wife, Sam, happens to be an experienced sniper. This turns out to be very important and necessary when Faith and her crew are set upon by overly violent vampires.Sam successfully delays the attacking creatures long enough for Riley, Faith, her crew and the soldiers to make it to safety. Unfortunately they security is brief as the band of blood suckers deftly sets upon them again and they are forced to run. Right as they are to be free, a net is set upon them and a new villain is revealed.
Back with Angel, a plan is being hatched. Angel knows he cannot defeat the witch on her turf so he schedules to meet her at a secluded warehouse on the outskirts of town. The witch arrives to collect her loved one’s remains only to discover she was pushed into a trap. Undaunted, she laughs at the large spider Angel sets upon her until she discovers that it EATS magic. Angered and determined to remain unchallenged, she unleashes a magical onslaught upon the arachnid in hope that it will become over nourished and ill. The reader is left with a blinding flash of light and no clue as to whether the battle ended well for Angel or for the witch.
I can’t wait for the next issue! Talk about cliff hangers! There are so many questions that I have, indeed this season has hooked me with my first read. The art, per usual, is fantastic and the character development is on par with what one would expect from a Joss Whedon graphic. This is definitely worth a browse so check it out at your nearest comic book or book store and tell us what you think!

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