Garfield #32


kaboom_garfield_032Tis the season for a holiday adventure and that is just what Garfield got in the first of the two stories, “Elf Esteem.” Jon tells Garfield that their budget needs to be stretched this year to help buy toys for the local orphanage. When Jon and Liz leave to deliver the toys, an elf comes to personally deliver a present to the house. It’s addressed to a little girl but there isn’t a little girl living at the house. Garfield decides to help the elf figure out who the gift is for and help make it a Merry Christmas for everyone. The second story in this issue tells the tale of “Nermal and the Three Bears.” Nermal puts his own spin on the classic. There are robots, ninjas, bunnies, pigs and a big bad wolf in this fractured fairytale. As an added bonus there are Christmas themed strips from Jim Davis’s comic strip.

The comic series is basically longer versions of the newspaper comic strips from Jim Davis. The first story is a fun holiday special. Garfield is surprisingly unselfish when he found out he’s not getting his precious lasagna since the money was going toward orphans. He goes on later to help the confused elf that appears at his door instead of taking a nap. The holidays always seem to bring out the best. The second story has some fun twists and turns. Nermal takes control of the story by breaking the “fourth wall.”

Check out this comic for some holiday fun with Garfield.


Garfield #32 is available now from KaBOOM!


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