Little Adventures in Oz Vol #1


NOV090862_21Dorothy’s adventures in Oz continue in two adventures from Eric Shanower. In “Enchanted Apples,” Dorothy and the Scarecrow discover a magic apple tree that protects the enchantment of Oz. The tree’s caretaker, Valynn, needs help protecting it from a stranger named Bortag. Dorothy suggests Valynn ask for help from Ozma, the current ruler of Oz. While Valynn and Dorothy are away Bortag sneaks in and steals some of the apples. He uses them to wake an ancient sleeping witch. It’s up to toe citizens of Oz to stop the witch from eating the apples and draining Oz of all of its magic. The second adventure is “The Ice King of Oz.” Ozma receives a letter of friendship from the mysterious Ice King from a region to the South of Oz. The king sends a delegation to Oz along with gifts. One of the gifts is a ring for Dorothy in exchange for her hand in marriage. When she refuses the Ice Kingdom’s ambassadors take Ozma instead. Dorothy and her friends must embark on a journey to find the ice kingdom and save their queen.

This story is a continuation of the series originally brought to life by L. Frank Baum. Many of the character are from the latter part of the series after Dorothy has come to live in Oz permanently and has become a princess of Oz. Fans of the books will enjoy these short stories. The stories add to the Land of Oz without taking away from the integrity of the original series.

Eric Shanower is a man of many hats in this collection he is not only the writer but he is also the created the art and color. The artwork is very detailed down to the fur on Toto. Color plays an important role in the series, Shanower is careful to stay true to each of the regions designated colors. The layout gets a little difficult to follow at times due to the different size of some of the panels. The sizing makes it hard to determine which panel the reader should read next.

Fans of the Oz series will love discovering the next chapters of Dorothy’s adventures.

Little Adventures in Oz Vol #1 is now available from IDW Publishing.


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