Doctor Who: The New Adventures of the Eleventh Doctor #5


image4In this issue the Doctor’s companion, a 60’s era rock star named Jones, comes face to face with the creature that has been plaguing the United Systems Research Base. The other companion, a Librarian named Alice, finds Jones before the creature can put him in a coma like other others. The two escape and search for the Doctor. The Doctor finds himself face to face with the business end of August Hart’s gun. He and Doctor Rutherford manage to escape and decide to find out what Doctor Ballard was hiding his is laboratory. When they find it they find a room designed to test and contain the creature, but the creature has escaped. The Doctor and Doctor Rutherford set out to find the creature. Upon doing so they find Alice and Jones cornered by August Hart but the creature isn’t far behind. The Doctor uses his wit and charm to confront the creature and find out what it really is after.

This issue is a continuation of the storyline that began in the previous issue. The conclusion of this particular story line was very sweet and good-natured much like the Eleventh Doctor. The Doctor keeps his same whimsical charm as he tries to solve the underlying problem and figuring out what was causing the people on the base to fall under a coma. As with the previous issue the writers keep the comic version of the Eleventh Doctor true the Matt Smith version of the Doctor from the series. The Doctor chooses reasoning over weapons and finds out why the creature is attacking people before attacking the creature itself. It gives a fresh perspective on how to handle one’s potential enemies.

While the main comic was a great read my favorite part of this issue was in the bonus comics included. In the comic strip, “An Ood Thing to Say,” the write pokes fun at the Ood’s communication orbs and what the Oods can do with them.

Check out this issue for the conclusion of the Eleventh Doctor’s continuing adventures today from Titan Comics.


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