Krampus Volume #1



La Catrina, the Easter Bunny and Doc Holliday walk into a bar…no, seriously they do. In Krampus, the new trade paper release from Image Comics, the legendary scourge of naughty children has a good deal of mythical creatures to contend with and not just those associated with Christmas. After the bones of the original Santa Claus are stolen by a group of Sugar Plum Fairies with ill intent, the secret organization of Santa Clauses suddenly realize they are trapped at the North Pole with none of their powers. Chaos breaks out and the elves lose their minds. The Santas are stuck having to turn to the one creature they hoped to never free again; The Krampus. Fed on a steady diet of junk food and episodes of Downton Abbey, Krampus initially has no desire to help out the jolly red men with the bag. However, after he is offered his freedom, Krampus goes out strapped with the precaution of a naughty bomb (it will blow him up if he harms an innocent) to help find out just who is behind the kidnapping of St. Nicholas’s bones.

I can’t express my love for this comic in words. Honestly, it would be more of an interpretive dance that represent laughing at full volume over images such as Doc Holliday riding a mythological Welsh horse that is singing Ke$ha songs. Jack Frost is a hipster geek with no desire to take over for his Father’s Old Man Winter business and I will never be able to deal with the image of leprechauns watching a stripper. The comic is certainly not for children; naughty or otherwise. The story is coherent, but peppered with hilarious images and plot devices that are perfect for distracting you from that pair of socks waiting for you under the tree.

If you are burned out on the Christmas season or just love the idea of the not-so-bad guy getting a chance to bring out the truth, Krampus is a hell of a sleigh ride.

Krampus Volume #1 is available December 24, 2014 from Image Comics.


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