Angry Birds Comics: Holiday Special


AngryBirds_HolidaySpecial_COVTerrence, the large round bird, is a huge fan of Santa Clause. He wants to be more like him so he goes around the island to ask his friends about him. Everyone is so busy preparing for Christmas that Terrence decides to sling slot himself North to ask the big man himself. Red and a team of birds follow to find their missing friend. They find themselves in the big bustling city. When they get to the local department store they find that Terence is this year’s hottest toy. After an encounter with Santa’s elves they birds find out that Terence has been left in charge of Christmas. He learns that being Santa isn’t what he thought. It’s up to the Angry Birds to work together to save Christmas.

The Angry Birds comics are based on the popular mobile game. All of the characters are featured from the games. It was fun to discover each of the different type of birds have their own personalities. They story is simple and great for younger readers who are also fans of the games.

The artwork resembles the little comic strips that pop up in the game in between levels. The layout is easy to follow with its basic square panels; this makes it ideal for younger readers. The bottoms of the pages have a Christmas themed picture that can be a bit distracting at first. Assuming it’s there to give the feeling that someone is telling the story and to help set the theme.

Fans of the popular game will enjoy this holiday adventure with the Angry Birds.

Angry Bird Comics: Holiday Special is now available from IDW


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