Review: Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson Hopcross Jilly #3


Mercy03-Cov-A-GarciaThere’s never only one. Still searching the property Mercy Thompson-Hauptman, with assistance from the police, find 4 additional sets of four bodies. The death count is now up to twenty – more than enough to shake their town to the core. With the information on hand Mercy connects with a friend in the fae community in the hopes that they can shed some light on what they’re dealing with. With their information, Marcy now knows that they’re dealing with Hopcross Jilly. She preys on bad boys and girls, eating their fingers and toes. What Mercy doesn’t know is that she’s already too close at hand.

Writer Patricia Briggs and Rik Hoskin continue with their excellent work on their graphic vignette. Mercy Thomson is effortlessly translatable into the graphic medium. Both Briggs and Hoskin work adeptly in cutting the “fat” of novelization and making it brief, but to the point. The story continues to flow and ebb inviting the reader deeper in. Unlike Hopcross Jilly’s victims we don’t need to be chased and dragged – there’s an attraction from the words on the page.

Illustrator Tom Garcia continues his excellent work of bringing life to the story and characters. What I find most interesting is that each cover seems to foreshadow the next issue. Issues #1 & #2 revealed the true image of their foe, which isn’t identified until this issue. Issue #1 also showed several bodies which again isn’t revealed to be in excess of 20 until this issue. Issue #3 is the most haunting as it shows the sadness of loss through phantom spirits.

I have to admit it, I’m hooked. Briggs has re-introduced a new audience to her non-traditional heroine Mercy Thompson. Originally I was skeptical as I’ve been a pre-existing fan to Sookie Stackhouse by Charlaine Harris. Once you’re invested in an alternate universe with mystical creatures, it’s hard to find others as credible. But Briggs has built something very rooted in reality. There’s a lot of hate, trust, and self-interest that unfortunately is all too relatable outside of the story pages. There’s humanity to her supernatural creation.

Issue #3 of the all-new Mercy Thompson adventure is available Wednesday, December 10th from Dynamite Entertainment. If you’re a pre-existing fan you’re in for a wonderful extension of her latest novel. For continuing 1st timers like myself be excited to pick up this next issue – you shouldn’t be disappointed.


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