RT Recap: FangirlNation Edition


RoosterTeeth_logoThe people over at Rooster Teeth often end the week with a video called “RT Recap”, which goes over all the videos they’ve done through the week with links on where to find them. Here at FangirlNation, I’ve been watching the projects that they’ve been working on and am bringing the developments to you all. I would highly recommend watching their own RT Recaps so that you are up to date on the actual video output, because this recap will only go over major additions, changes, and updates to productions and not the weekly video count unless it’s a milestone. Speaking of which:

  • Rooster Teeth Podcast had their 300th podcast on December 2nd. It featured Burnie, Matt, Gavin, and Barbara talking while on location for Lazer Team. There was talk about the new movie in the beginning of the podcast.
  • In related news, Pizza Hut has a new “The Flavor of Now” thing that Rooster Teeth is part of. The Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza is available to order.
  • The Achievement Hunter branch of Rooster Teeth has started a new channel called “Game Kids” specifically dealing with the kids of Rooster Teeth playing games. There are some older videos of Burnie and his sons Teddie and JD playing games as well as a new video of Geoff, his daughter Millie, and friend Chelsea starting up a game of Sims 4.
  • RWBY volume two is officially out on Blu-ray and DVD. The soundtrack is also currently available. Both of them are great pickups for RWBY fans. Red vs Blue season 12 is also available on Blu-ray/DVD as is the soundtrack for that. All of them can be purchased at the Rooster Teeth store.
  • RTX 2015 dates have been announced. Rooster Teeth fans who are looking to go should set aside the weekend of August 7-9th. No other information is available at the moment.
  • Rooster Teeth has a new show in X-Ray and Vav. Fans of Achievement Hunter will enjoy the animated show, which features Ray Narvaez Jr as X-Ray, Gavin Free as Vav, and Lindsay Jones as original character Hilda. The show has a lot of fun references to Achievement Hunter productions and Let’s Plays.
  • Social Disorder, a sort of “social experiments” show, has recently finished and the first season can be watched both on the RT website as well as on their YouTube channel.
  • Ten Little Roosters will be wrapping up soon, and fans who want to participate in guessing who the next victim will be should head over to the website. There are many fun references to all sorts of Rooster Teeth productions, from RT Shorts to RWBY and RvB.
  • For fans of game show style productions, there’s On The Spot. The first few episodes have aired, and it’s quite a bit of fun. Teams of two go up against each other to get the most points.
  • Fans of Minecraft and Achievement Hunter will want to give Megacraft a shot. New AH members Jeremy and Matt explore some of the fantastic things that AH fans have made as well as looking at some of the large scale builds they’ve done for recent Let’s Plays such as the Halloween episode of Minecraft.

There’s a lot going on over at Rooster Teeth, and fans should keep an eye on the website and YouTube channel to keep up to date on everything going on.


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