Angry Birds Transformers #2 Age of Eggstintion


AngryBirds_TF_02_Cov_AThe mysterious Eggspark has landed on Piggie Island and the eggs are in danger once again. The birds discover that Chuck and Hal are now transformers. Using the power of the eggspark the rest of the birds decide to gain transforming powers. Together they form “The Auto-Birds” and are on a mission to defend the eggs from “The Deceptahogs.” The only problem is that the birds and pigs aren’t the only ones that have touched the eggspark. The whole island is beginning to change, including the precious eggs!

Angry Birds Transformers is the latest crossover for the inhabitants of Piggie Island and is based on the game that was released on mobile devices earlier this fall. The comics are serving as an origin story as to how the Angry Birds have taken on the roles of the popular characters from the Transformers franchise. The birds take on not only the look of the character but also the persona of each other their respective transformers.

The artwork leans more toward the style of the Angry Birds than the classic transformer style. The panels are can be difficult to follow along since they shapes are all over the place on some pages.

Angry Birds and Transformers fans alike should check out this fun filled crossover.

This comic is available today from IDW.


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