Review: Hellboy and the B.P.R.D 1952 #1



For those who have not seen seen the Hellboy movies (and why have you not?), Hellboy is a name given to a demon child by Professor Trevor Bruttenholm. Bruttenholm was traveling with the Allied forces where they found Hellboy in 1944 who was summoned by Allied Forces. Raised on earth, Hellboy grew to be a large, horn-stumped demon who enjoys candy and having lots of cats around him (give you one guess what makes me love Hellboy).

Writer/artist creator of Hellboy, Mike Mignolia has teamed up with fellow writer John Arcudi to bring readers back to another chapter of Hellboy’s life. A time when he did his first assignment for B.P.R.D (Bureau of Paranormal Research Department).

The first issue sets up for the moments right before the mission. Hellboy has grown up to a point that he has to go and experience the world. The Professor has always been a father figure to Hellboy. Just like every parent sending their child off to preschool, the Professor struggles to reign in the anxiety.

Hellboy pops up towards the end but that is enough to show this will be a very different Hellboy. He is younger, in secure but there is there is a sense of reined in energy.

The artwork is done by Alex Maleev. Not much to mention about his style other than it fits with the atmosphere of a Hellboy story. Shadows were heavily used to portray emotions and atmosphere. Otherwise the facial expressions did not change much.

Reading this issue reminds me how much I loved the Hellboy character and the world around him. Not only will I be following this series but will start from the beginning at Seed of Destruction.

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.1952 are available from Dark Horse Comic at your local comic book retailer now.


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