Review: Sex Criminals #9


SexCriminals09_CoverSuzie and Jonny have really weird orgasms. When they come, the world stops… literally. They thought they were the only ones until they found each other. The next logical step was to use their sexy superpower to rob banks. Everything was going well until they were stopped by the Sex Police. Suddenly Suzie and Jon discover they aren’t alone – there is a filing cabinet of people just like them. Sex Criminals is an extraordinarily funny sex positive book by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky.

In Sex Criminals #9, we get the backstory of Jazmin St. Cocaine – Jon’s nymph from the porno in the woods – and the Sex Criminals start to form a plan. Fraction and Zdarsky handle Jazmin’s story with a delicate touch that manages to confront a lot of the negative stereotypes that surround sex workers. It is unsurprising to see this deft handling of the subject matter considering their previous work with relationships, the sexual awakenings of the main characters, and mental health. Fraction and Zdarsky have an amazing sense of humor that makes this comic incredibly honest without a lot of the awkwardness that often surrounds this subject matter. The letters in the back are as much of a part of the Sex Criminals experience as the comic itself.

The art of Sex Criminals #9 is wonderfully consistent with each character given a distinctive look and design. Every panel of The Quiet (or Cumworld depending on if Jon or Suzie is talking about it) is run through with these gorgeous dreamy lines of color that give a clear indicator that time has stopped and only our protagonists are moving through it.

Do you like sex and masturbation? Does the nickname Kegelface make you giggle with delight? Are you into goofy and slightly awkward people? If you answered yes, Sex Criminals is a must read.

Sex Criminals #9 is available December 10, 2014 from Image Comics.


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