Review: The Empty Man #6


Empty_Man_006_coverAI feel cheated. When you work within 6 issues, you should have a defined idea of your solution and finale. The Empty Man #6 has left me unsatisfied. It feels incomplete, unfinished and only a chip of a larger world that could have been interesting but isn’t, as it’s being held too tightly by writer Cullen Bunn. As a reader I am not happy.

Issue #6 brings to a head Agents Langford and Jensen in the final throws of searching for the children of recent victims of The Empty Man. With Agent Jensen now a victim of the thing itself, she’s connected to what we the readers know of as The Empty Man’s Sister. Feeding Jensen with information they have finally caught Reverend Markoff and have revealed what he’s kept so secret – patient Zero, or possibly even god himself. Sister takes them very quickly through the motions bringing them nonchalantly to their solution.

**SPOILERS** They find the children. Only, it’s not the children, it’s their bodies containing yet more of the The Empty Man’s agenda. Markoff is in custody, only to likely be released as there’s nothing to hold him and prevent him from furthering the message he believes. The children are lost, without anyone to truly miss them. Jensen will soon be lost to the madness that is spreading. What are we to do in our final issue? Send in agent Langford, who’s dying of cancer anyways; to maybe defeat The Empty Man on his level. That’s it – The End.

I don’t know about you, but I get angry at wasted potential. Cullen Bunn provided a taste of something that could have become much more detailed, starting a new era of horror – mixing both creatures and the weaknesses of the mind into a mass weapon no one has any control over. Unfortunately, Bunn very abruptly brings about some solution in issue 6 to what he’s been toting for the past 5 issues and leaves us on a cliffhanger. As far as I’m aware, there’s nothing left. I feel like if I were to ask if Langford succeeds Bunn would shrug his shoulders with an uncommitted, “Maybe.”

Did Bunn get bored before we reached our conclusion? Or did he maybe feel as if there was potential for more? I’ve read all six issues and all I have are more questions than answers. I don’t want more; I want Bunn to fix what he started. Issue #6 is available from Boom! Studios this Wednesday, December 10th.








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