Etsy Round-up: Have Yourself A Very Geeky Christmas


What better way the celebrate the season than by decking your halls geek style. This round-up features all you would need for a very geeky christmas.

As always, click on the photo to be taken to the items listing on Etsy.


NewtonAndTheApple, $9.58 for 3

Confuse family and friends alike with this formula for getting the best presents from Santa. Not to worry though, an explanation is printed on the back of the card.


HighVoltageTees, $34.99 +

This sweat shirt would be perfect for that ugly sweater party you go to every year minus the itching from regular sweaters. Also, you can wear it Christmas day while you lounge around and play Diablo.


EnchantedCraft, $29

Tis the season for stuff on your head. This R2D2 styled Santa hat will keep you warm and styling.


EpicBabyShop, $12

How else will Santa know which stocking is yours? The big guy will be sure to drop off some candied bofa fruit and a sparklemint stick in this Star Wars stocking.


RatedEforEveryone, $40

Your neighbors already think you’re weird, why not add this to your door to increase that opinion? This wreath is an homage to Legend of Zelda, and is made from perler beads.


paperandjam, $6

Okay, I get it, the Elf on a Shelf is creepy. For those who have fallen in love with this tradition, this superhero cape and mask with personalized letter is perfect to dress up your elf geeky style.


NeuronsNotIncluded, $12.50

Pi, on a round Christmas Ornament. Pi-ception.


cpuartworks, $18

I’ve always thought memory sticks were kind of beautiful. All those delicate metallic parts shimmer in the light on your tree. The green of the plastic sets off the gold circuitry, while the addition of a bow and a bell makes this ornament a one of a kind creation.


HannahMayJean, $13 for the set

These adorable felt Pac Man characters are a great pop of color to add to your tree. Handsewn and available as individual pieces as well, they are sure to make your tree merry.


HollyAndHerHobbies, $10

This pillow ornament pays homage to the hero of Canton himself, Jayne Cobb. Sporting a mug of Canton’s signature drink, and that infamous hat, putting this handmade ornament on your tree will show everyone you’re not afraid of nothing.


averypotterchristmas, $5.63

Lastly, this mini size hogwarts acceptance letter is a cute and simple ornament for the Potterheads in your family. This would be a great way to celebrate a young geeks eleventh Christmas.

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Next months Etsy round-up will be Minecraft themed. As always, if you have an idea for a future round-up, leave it in the comments.


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