NBFF 2014: 11 minutes


11 minutes11 minutes was one of short films that increased some heart rates. Standing alone as one of the few well produced psychological thriller, it earned my attention.

At first, the film was too saturated with slow-motion sequences of a man that is clearly very upset with the world. As the overly dramatic scenes of standing in a field of flowers become spliced into scenes of simulated violence, it begins a deep unsettling sense within the viewer. The man is seen “shooting” at victims but there is no presence of a gun. He is just making the form with his fingers as the victim. There is no blood but the slow motion prolongs the expression of horror and pain on their faces.  It is not until the end credits that the reason for the rampage is known.The focus of the movie is not the motive, the power of the motive diminished with the first victim. It is this overwhelming, constant torrent of pain.

The little back story that the filmmaker,Rafeal Siegel, provides that makes this even more powerful. He had written the movie around a suicide note that he wrote for himself years ago. Whatever journey expelled him that dark moment, whatever experiences he went through, a touch of that was felt throughout the scenes.It became a small story of pain that can be echoed across the audience. The overall atmosphere was a collective awed and stunned silence.

There is a great interview that Siegel did with the main actor that could be seen here.

During the conversation, my favorite motto was “be stupid, no matter what your idea is”.


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