NBFF 2014: Valse


It isn’t a film festival without doomed love.

It’s love at first sight for these two lovers. They climb  the steepest obstacles and are within reach  of one another before they are ripped apart to their inevitable doom. There is no dialogue but every scene is heavy with emotion. There is the heart clutching anticipation, the deep despair, intense determination that burns within every lover,  passion, oh such fiery passion!

Who knew snails rocked it so high on the romance level?

Oh yes, this is an epic short film of pair of snails. Their love is HAWT.

The short film was created by Christopher Keller.He works for one of Europe’s biggest visual effects company. So he might have been cheating a bit on the no budget thing. A small fact that can be easily glossed over once the IMDB list was seen ::cough Age of Ultron cough::.

It is a bizarre and sad film but this was hands down one of my favorite films of the whole festival. The cinematography is amazing and is what sets this film miles apart from the others. There may have been a budget but the film does embrace what indie filmmakers strive for. It showcased a story that was unique, bizarre, and unprecedented. It make me care even more about snails. I have never shipped two snails so hard in my life. Due to a recent binge watching marathon, I’m naming these snails Ted and Robin.

Everyone can (check below) and should watch this movie



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