The Royals: Masters of War


ROYALS_Cv1_i8qg05dc1e__527c3a7ad70f42.074403681940 and London is in the middle of the Blitz. As the people of London watch on in terror, they wish for the English Royalty to do anything about it. The Royals are gifted with super powers and the purer they keep their lines, the greater their powers. Loaded with power, Royalty across the world is kept in the middle of a pact to refuse to interfere in the war. England’s prince Henry breaks this pact by stepping into the frey and fighting against the Germans, causing all hell to break loose.

Though Rob Williams story is wonderful and Simon Coleby’s artwork is stunning, I had a difficult time keeping my head in the store. Though alternate history allows freedom for the writer, years of English History kept coming back to me like a bullet to the head, taking me out of the story entirely. For those who read alternate history and enjoy the possibilities of superheros in royalty, the comic will be a great joy; I would not recommend this comic for History majors.

The Royals: Masters of War is available December 16, 2014 from Vertigo Comics.


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