Peanuts #24



The first short story in this issue is “Security Blanket Science.” Lucy decides to sign up for the school science fair because she can’t resist the temptation of winning a ribbon. She uses her brother Linus as her test subject and demonstrates the effects of his security blanket. In “Peanuts on Ice,” Lucy needs a partner for the upcoming skating contest. Snoopy steps in to help and hopefully win the contest with her. In the last story, “Cyrano Brown,” Charlie Brown is working as the crossing guard and keeping the other kids safe while they walk to school. One child begins to cry because he is frightened. Later on Charlie Brown decides to talk to him and tell him not to be afraid of everything. Charlie Brown’s speech proved to be very inspiring for the kid.

As someone who loves science, I really liked “Security Blanket Science.” It was funny to see Lucy use her brother’s attachment as an experiment. “Peanuts on Ice” was reminiscent of the special “She’s a Good Skate Charlie Brown.” Ice skating was always a common theme in Schultz’s work since he and his daughter both spent a lot of time at their local ice rink. It is nice to see that the comics have kept this theme. “Cyrano Brown” was fun read just to see Charlie Brown get very passionate about giving another child encouragement.

Check this one out for the continuing adventures of the Peanuts Gang!

Available from KaBOOM! Comics December 17, 2014.


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