Bobs Burgers #5


D.E. Comic Page Template.epsIn this month’s Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction Presents,” Tina tells the story of “Omega Tina.” Tina is the last person on earth and living in a world full of fourteen to sixteen year old boy zombies. One day while searching for survivors she comes across Jimmy Jr. She brings him back to her hide out but the zombies follow them there and in through an open garage. In “Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries and Curious Curiosities: The Faux Boo Boo,” Louise is distraught over the fact that her boy band crush, Boo Boo’s face is always covered in recent pictures of the band. She decides to investigate the matter and find out if Boo Boo has been replaced and the band has been using an imposter. Gene’s musical this month is about his time in “Robot College.” He’s excited to be there even though he’s a human at a robot school. He joins a fraternity of robot outcasts and encourages them to show what makes them unique. The dean and the other fraternity do not like that the nerd bots are now cool and try to put a stop to them.

One of the fun things about reading Tina’s Erotic Friend Fictions is to see all of her fantasies play out. This one included her love of zombies, horses and Jimmy Jr. She always ends up being the fun oddly familiar awkward hero of her own stories. Tina’s stories are relatable to so many since she is awkward and everyone has those moments. She owns her passions through her friend fictions.

In the series Louise does not have many coming of age stories unless it involves Boo Boo. Fans of the show will remember that discovering Boys4Now was the first time she ever had a crush even if she is always denying it. “The Faux Boo Boo” was another one of her internal struggles to embrace her fondness for him but not let anyone on to the idea that she might like a boy.

I thought that compared to Tina and Louise’s stories that Gene’s ended up being a little lame. I loved how completely random it was but I do not like the format of trying to read a musical in a comic. The story is also one that has been played out in almost any movie involving fraternities.

While this is not Gene’s shinning issue, this one is worth checking out for Tina and Louise’s stories.


Bob’s Burgers #5 is now available from Dynamite Comics.


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