Goblin Gal’s Crafty Corner: Holiday Dragon Wreath



Nothing will keep you warm this holiday like a little dragon fire. If you’re looking for something a little more than your standard Christmas Wreath, try inviting this adorable roost of scaly companions into your home. Just maybe buy a couple extra fire extinguishers…and hide your gold.

Grab your glue gun and some Christmas cheer and join me in making the December craft the Holiday Dragon Wreath!


You Will Need:

  • A small to medium wreath- (I recommend artificial, for longevity)
  • One Tube of Dragons (Dragons, apparently, are hatched in tubes from Joann’s, Michaels etc.)
  • Accessories for wreath, ornaments, sparkly floral picks etc
  • 1.5- 2” Ribbon
  • Beads for treasure horde- gold round beads and plastic rondelles work great)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors

1) Wreath Prep Prepare your wreathe. Straighten and style the branches until you are happy with its look. I recommend using an artificial wreath, so that your new dragon friends can stay with you for many holidays to come

ribbon2) Basic Decor  Before we add the dragons we are going to start with some basic wreath decorating.

A) Ribbon – Start with your ribbon. I recommend a wider ribbon in a color that will stand out from the wreath. Wired ribbon is an excellent choice. Take one end and glue it to the back of the wreath near the bottom. Next wrap the ribbon around your wreath, spacing each wrap evenly. For me that worked out to six passes.

B) Decor Next add in any décor like floral, ornaments or picks. I chose to stick with a red and gold theme for this wreath, to go with my fire breathing reptile theme. Some pieces can be wired on, some are better glued. Keep them to a minimal so the wreath doesn’t get too busy once you add the dragons. I finished it off a traditional big red ribbon at the bottom.

christmas only


3) Dragons!

hordeA) Horde Dragons don’t feel at home without a nice treasure pile to sleep on and guard. I built mine out of faceted gold plastic beads and some small gem tone rondelles. Because of the movable and fluffy nature of the wreath branches, gluing the beads directly to the wreath wouldn’t really work. The pieces would sink right in. Instead I took a small piece of ribbon, about 3 inches, and used it as a base. Lay down some hot glue then drop a layer of beads. When that dries, add another layer of glue and beads on top. Repeat this until you are happy with your horde. I suggest alternating layers of gems and gold, then adding specific ones to taste. Glue the horde-ribbon into the inside bottom of the wreath, making sure it remains visible.

B) Place your dragons! My tube came with five dragons. Four were placed somewhat evenly around the wreath and one, of course, was placed by the gold (for guarding). I tried to put them at various positions in the wreath, inside, middle and top, to really make it seem like the wreath is their lair, not just that they are decor. Once you have them all placed, glue them in. If any of the needles are obstructing the view of the dragons, clip them down.


Congratulations, you have built yourself a dragon habitat for the holidays!

Thank you for crafting with me, and happy holidays to all you fan girls out there!

~Goblin Gal


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