My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Holiday Special


STK657158The Apple Jacks notices that Sunset Shimmer is having trouble getting into the holiday spirit. Apple Jacks and her friends decide to have slumber parties at each of their houses with Sunset Shimmer. The first slumber party is at Pinkie Pie’s house. Apple Jacks tells the story of how she got her family nickname. The next day the whole school knows about her nickname and starts to tease her about it. They find out someone has been posting to social media as “Anon-A-Miss” with their secrets. The second slumber party is at Rarity’s house and the girls play dress up in Rarity’s silly outfits. The day at school everyone’s seen the pictures of the girls dressing up. Anon-A-Miss has struck again. As the days go by more secrets get out. They begin to wonder if Sunset Shimmer has gone back to her old ways and betrayed their trust posting as “Anon-A-Miss.”

Aside from taking place during the holiday season this is not your typical holiday special. The girls feel bad for their friend being alone during the holidays so they include her in fun activities. Along the way the younger sisters of the main characters feel left out. For a younger reader the story serves as a good reminder to include everyone during the holidays.

The art work in the special is different from other comics in the My Little Pony universe since the story is taking place outside of Equestria and in the human world.  The color pallets are all the same except the ponies are in a humanoid form which takes some getting used to. The panels are the same simple format as other comics in the My Little Pony series.

Check out this holiday special for a not as holiday centric story and more adventures with the Equestria Girls.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Holiday Special is now available from IDW


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