Review: Baldur’s Gate #3


D&D_BaldursGate03-coverRIThe party has arrived at their next point to fulfill a quest: to deliver a mysterious message to Coran in the rich part of town. A mage, two thieves, a warrior with his hamster plan on crashing the party and of course there’s going to be chaos.

We don’t know what the message was yet. The party came, they passed the message, and made a grand escape. Well all except one. The issue leaves with a cliffhanger that supports one of my previous assumptions. Delina has a huge purpose in her brother’s scheme. Since it’s the Tyranny of the Dragons story arc, the purpose may be pretty sinister.

A random thought occurs, it was weird that the Dragon Cult was at the party dressed in their evil duds. None of the fancy guests seemed to have bat an eye so this must be a regular occurrence. Or someone fancy hires them.

References to the past that is going over my head. Who was Neera? Why does Minsc keep confusing Delina for Neera?Coran’s connection with Minsc? Former party member? It’s a shocked face but it seems to be reminiscing later.

One prediction that pops to mind is that the reappearance of Minsc may awaken some long buried feelings of camaraderie and adventure in Coran. He may be a possible ally–unless he was a villain who kept hounding Minsc; then he may be trouble.To those who are familiar with Bioware Baldur’s Gate, these predictions may be highly amusing and far off the mark. From the standpoint of a person who has leaped into the world of D&D, this is moving from the shallow end to the middle of the lake. As the story progresses former characters are making their appearance, which can make for some surprising revelations to a noob.

It was a bit annoying how easily Delina was taken. She struggled a bit and was pretty light on her feet when she ran across the roof.She did get that elbow into his face. Then again, she did get hit with a sleep spell while being cased on steep rooftop. Ok, she went down with a fight. Still, her erratic magic bursts could have done something. Still wondering what her magic dust did in the party room.

The whole focus on the issue was to get her taken so it could bring the next reveal in the story. So I suppose the team will now rescue her? Or will they?
My favorite panel was when Minsc punched a minion in the face for scaring Boo. Boo has both of his teeny tiny paws in the air in triumph. Adorable!

A bit of notice since there is an increase in violence and the issue has become a bit more “bloody”. Not really bloody since it’s drawn in a lighter shade with an artistically small amount hovering mid air. No clothes were stained with blood. It’s suggestive bloodiness at the most.

Baldur’s Gate #3 is available from IDW comics December 17 2014 from your local comic book store.






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