Review: Birthright #3


Birthright_03If you were the destined hero that completed the journey to defeat the enemy, what happens after that?

Birthright came highly recommended from a friend in a comic book exchange group. Just one mention of the world “dragon”, and my little ears will perk up.

Fantasy fans who were jealous of the adventurers in Goonies, Neverending Story, or even Narnia, should check out this premise. It begins when young boy named Mikey was playing in the park with his father. When Mikey runs off into the woods to catch a ball, he disappears. His disappearance tears the family apart as they all blame the father for possible murdering him. A year later, the family is reunited at a local police precinct to witness a man wearing warrior garb who claims he is a dragon slayer. He was taken to another land when he was young as he was destined to be the Hero and defeat Lore. He did and now he’s in this world to chase down five mages that threaten the safety of the world. The name of this outlandish character is Mikey.

If this is the same Mikey who disappeared a year ago, then he had definitely changed. And he did not come back alone.




I’m three issues in, and I inhaled every single issue. Even with the premise, there were so many surprises, especially with the last panel in the first issue. Of all the places this comic was leading towards, THAT was not one of them. I just don’t want to believe it. He had to have defeated Lore! This brought on the heaviest shock and disappointment I had in a character. Or maybe it’s not Mikey. Or maybe Mikey is pretending.

The third issue is still flashing back and forth to the beginning and to recent events. There is not alot of explanation of why, just set up. The enthusiasm of the dad to follow grown-up Mikey is really depressing in a way. There has been so much anger and vilification towards this man, yet it doesn’t take much to believe this stranger could be his son. He doesn’t even question how his small boy could grow up into a hardened man into a year. I really hope for this is Mikey. And yet I don’t.

I have a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen with the old man with a cat. He has a cat! He is harmless!

This is the first comic book that I am enjoying as an epic adventure story. Adventures are so well saturated in the movie and novel industry that is a welcome addition to the comic book world.

Birthright #3 is recommended for everyone who loves adventure. It is available from Image at your comic book retailer. It is a hot commodity so add it to your pull list STAT. Or create one.


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