Review: Flash Gordon Holiday Special


FlashHoliday2014-Cov-A-ShanerFlash, AH-AHHHHHHHHHH!!! SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE!

If that makes no sense to you, then watch Queen’s music video for Flash and then watch the Flash movie for some awesome eighty’s fun.

Flash Gordon is the jock hero (I think he’s a football player) who saved the world from meteors from the Emperor Ming. He travels space with his friend (or girlfriend) Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov in a rocket ship–A rocket ship that Dr. Zarkov built. They travel around, have space adventures, and save people. Huh, sounds like an American twist on Doctor Who now.

All of the space adventures pause as galaxies everywhere celebrate Christmas, or some version of it. The holiday special features a bunch of a small stories featuring Flash (ahhh-ahhhhhh!) and his friends. Some of the characters were unknown to me since I am only versed in the movie but it didn’t take away from enjoying the stories.

The sweetest story is one involving a jewish boy befriending a Warthog-like soldier. Seems like this soldier was displaced after the war ended and is stuck in a land that his kind had ravaged. One little boy shares his food, and a shaky friendship is formed. I am such a sucker for these befriending the outsider stories.

Even though it is a special edition, this would still be a great launching point to get into the main story arcs. The art style is predictably retro and full fleshed out characters. Fans of the movie would also have fun to see more of Flash (ah-ahhh!) and his friends.

A nice little gift or stocking stuffer for a fan of the retro comic strips of the 30’s, or of the 80’s movie, or even a Whovian fan.

Flash Gordon Holiday Special is available from Dynamite comics at your local comic book store.


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