Review: The Autumlands, Tooth and Claw #2


ToothandClaw02_CoverA(1)This was picked solely because of the cover without knowing anything about the content. It was gamble that yielded great results.

Deep breath.


Deep breath.

Tooth and Claw is another anthropomorphic comic book series on the shelves. Where Wilds End is a science fiction story, Tooth and Claw is the epic fantasy. The emphasis is on epic

The world is split with citizens and wizards living on magic-powered floating city and the rest of the world below them. They seemingly live in peace and contentment. During a magic conference, there is talk of dwindling magic. To preserve the world around them, some of them decide to follow Gharta the seeker from the Warthog Sorcery in performing a complex, risky spell to bring back a champion of the past, but they underestimated the energy required to perform the spell safely.

Floating city denizens have been up in the altitude way too long. They are swollen with self importance and lofty airs (hee hee). They were brought down by their own greed. If the power that they relied on was dwindling, then they should have sought other methods to live. Instead they panicked and trusted the safety of the city to a lone sorceress who offered up a small sliver of hope.

In the second issue, the survivors are scrambled and dismayed to find that the “champion” they hoped for is not what they expected.

It’s not what I expected either.  In a brilliant and bloody entrance, the champion takes down the bison tribe that had been attacking the floating city survivors. What an interesting twist to the champion. It’s been a physiological wonder how humans are able to survive since we have no protective features whatsoever. Now this a is a story where the beasts have that, and spells, and language. The human just has brute abilities.

The artwork is fiercely beautiful. That is the best way I can describe, and it doesn’t fully present how beautiful it is. Each of the creatures are detailed and fleshed out. There is even a bearded dragon  (my favorite reptiles) beast! The art is rich and so is the story. It is an immersive and smooth experience, a successful visual epic fantasy adventure.

Gharta the seeker from the Warthog Sorcery is such an interesting character. She truly believes in this champion. Her plan caused hundreds of deaths and the fall of a city, yet she stays relatively calm. Is her intention good? It makes me wonder why did she suddenly approach the council? Is she truly trying to save the world or are there other motives?

This the kind of story that is so exciting and I just want to share it with everyone! This is such a beautiful comic that I would highly recommend the print form. The art is beautiful and the details are glorious. This should really be experienced firsthand.

Tooth and Claw #2 out from Image comics December 17 2014 at your local comic book store.


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