Review: The Twelfth Doctor #3


12 doctor 3Apparently the Hyperios is no longer a threat since a call from a past friend has sent the Doctor running off to an Indian space station. The help arrives too late as the friend has died of very fast and mysterious circumstances.

There is past India and new India story parallel time frames that are being handled. Looks like a creature from the past has decided to make its mark on the future. The third issue is setting up the story arc, so there is not much explanation being offered, only one foreboding clue that the most influential family in space may not be what they seem. It is such a shame since one of them is a Bollywood star, and I love Bollywood.

There is a disconnect between the comic story and the art.The story seems really fun, detailed, and creative, but it’s dulled by the unwieldy art style.The combination creates a lackluster effect into the comic series. Just like the television series, the comic is wasting Capaldi’s potential. He would shine as a more dramatic and academic sort of character, a character that is wise but energetic. This manic spastic personality just does not sit very well.

The Doctor makes it hard for fans to admire him. He’s indifferent, cold, aloof, and judgmental. The only redeeming quality is he the recent addition to a rich heritage of Time Lords. He mentions memories from the past incarnations, but they are empty since he did not experience them. It’s like an annoying game of name dropping but with references. Fans know of the past; create current adventures!

If the intent of these comics is to hold the public’s interest in the characters until the episodes air, this series is doing a really poor job of it. Instead of using this as a platform to flesh out the new Doctor even more and give him his own adventures to grow from, the comic just reaffirms fans’ complaint about the series.

Clara should just go. The snarky off hand jokes are not funny and paint her character in a darker light. The current news that Clara will remain on the show is upsetting. Unless they perform a major character overhaul, Clara will be cemented as one of the most hated companions in my book.

Steadfast fans of the show should probably read this comic. Maybe they’ll reference the comics in the show. That will increase some geek cred.

The Twelfth Doctor Issue #3 is available from Titan comics at your local comic book retailer.


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