Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 Issue #10

unnamedBuffy and the gang, as  masters of the the book of magic, are inundated with lobbyists from magical species the world abound. After a day of abiding by the requests of leprechauns, slime men and new breed vampires Buffy is feeling the weight of her new role in this unfolding universe. At her whits end, she is surprised by Dawn with a spa day. Reluctant, she accepts the gift under the pretense that “the boys” will guard the book of magic while she is away.
As Buffy, Dawn and Willow leave for a day of relaxation Spike is greeted by an old acquaintance: Harmony. As leader of the new breed vampires, she speaks for her people with regard to adjustment of laws in the Vampyr book. As Spike apologizes for past errs he is surprised by an act of violence from Harmony that knocks him unconscious. The reason behind this violence? Simple: Harmony wants the world to love her the way she wants to be loved.
Her devoted attendant Clem is ordered to write down new rules that include clauses about unicorns, Buffy’s relationship between Angel and Spike and a whole new world order that revolves around humans enjoying vampirism. Around the time she completes her ridiculous list Spike regains awareness and promptly removes to the book from Clem’s care. Much to Harmony’s chagrin, Clem did not document any of her requests. He explains that Harmony deserves to be loved for who she is because people want to love her, not because they have to love her.
After an angered reaction against Clem, Harmony leaves Spike’s apartment. Her angry ranting continues into the street until she is greeted by the single law Clem wrote down: Unicorn’s are totally real.
When the day is up Harmony has learned a few lessons on greed, Spike and Xander realize they are ready to rekindle romances with their loved ones, Buffy begins to see the changes in her team and, in the recesses of Sunnydale, three demonic entities plot against the Slayer.
This series is starting to wrap up some very complicated themes. The characters are beginning to accept their realities and ancient magic, unaffected by the book of Vampyr, is waking from centuries long slumber. All in all I am most pleased with the direction of this series and eagerly await new, exciting episodes!

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