‘Ghost Camera’ by Darcy Coates


cover57984-mediumIn the novellette by Darcy Coates,  Ghost Camera, readers visit the strange and uncomfortable world of the dead returning to prey on the living. While Jenine is attempting to get a better camera angle on her friend’s wedding festivities, she discovers an old Polaroid camera resting on the outer portion of an old lighthouse. Excited by the discovery, she takes a quick photo with the outdated camera, stuffs the photo in her pocket and continues taking photos with her more modern digital camera. As she goes to leave the lighthouse, she is scolded by the caretaker. A young boy fell from the lighthouse years ago, and it is not safe. Apologizing, Jenine leaves. After reviewing the photo taken with the Polaroid, she quickly discovers ghosts hiding in the photo, including that of a young boy. Thinking that she is having tricks played on her, Jenine visits her dear friend Bree and takes a series of pictures only to be horrified to discover a ghost woman and the small boy in the picture behind her friend. When the pictures begin to show the ghosts looking directly at the camera, and Jenine begins to be touched by the dead, the two consult a psychic to find out the secrets of the camera, only to discover that they may be in grave danger.

Ghost Camera,is a quick read, much like catching an episode of a Ghost Hunter program or a special episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark. The ghosts are sinister, longing to attack the living. What I found fascinating was the discussion that only analog cameras are able to capture the ghost phenomena With a modern fascination with cellphone cameras and digital models, I wonder how creepy it would be to take a “selfie” with one of these ghost cameras and discover that death was just behind you.

Ghost Camera, is now available from Candlebreak Press. It is currently available on Amazon for $2.99 for Kindle.


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