Silent Hill: Downpour Anne’s Story #4


SilentHill-Downpour04-cover1It wouldn’t be Christmas without some Silent Hill: Downpour Anne’s Story in your stocking. Last we left Anne she was trapped with the town DJ, locked up as the terrors of the town descended. Too late to change the track for the man who controls the music Anne dives into deep water as the cage breaks under the weight of both the disfigured masses and the weight of her unfinished revenge. In the final pages she’s perpetually meeting with Murphy Pendleton trying so hard to hold on to complete what she started.

In my last review I shared my overall distaste of the direction that Anne was taking. She broke in ways that only a woman does in media and it’s infuriating to hold back development on a character based on their gender. Revenge doesn’t care what you identify with. Writer Tom Waltz personally responded and addressed some of my concerns and agreed to disagree. In the final issue I’m still not appeased.

These final pages don’t add anything much to the original game ending. All that is added is a bit of in between scene connection on how Murphy meets up with Anne so often during the game’s final climax. I was hoping for something more than what I’ve already experienced through my original play through. It seems like a rush to put together. I know that we had to come to the same conclusion but having built up so much original content I hope for something else. There was no self discovery or growth of the character.

Despite phallic imagery, rape omens and crude molestation foreboding we are given a small piece from the overall world to further explore and identify. It’s not my personal cup of tea but does maintain its tone and means of character creation. I wanted more development and means, but I can accept with what was provided. And thank you Waltz for caring and loving your story of Anne. That has won me over more than anything. I look forward to more from you in the new year. Silent Hill Downpour Anne’s Story #4 is out now from IDW.


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