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Primo Rocket had been a legendary racer on the raceways in space. Just as with most legends, he crashed and burned out his fame. Now, he spends his energy tending to the family salvaging business along with his younger cloned self and his genius of a daughter. Primo just wants to live a quiet life until he’s caught up in a search for a mysterious “weapon” from two sides of a political faction that are equally horrible.



“Rocket Salvage” is a 6 part series from Boom! Studios on their Archaia imprint. The series is written by Yehudi Mercado and illustrated by an artist simply known as Bachan. Apparently Mercado is a huge racing fan since this is the third comic series involving the sport.

The racers in this space world have special additional abilities that make them valuable to the political factions. One racer has pre-cog abilities or damage control. Primo’s extra ability is his mechakinesis. Which I am assuming is a telepathic ability with machines, an ability that most likely attributed to his legendary reputation of being the fastest fifteen years ago. Now that Primo is just a salvager, I wonder what became of that ability?

Primo is a big burly man that had such a huge personality and energy at the peak of his career. Now he is still a big burly man but with a quieter composure and wisdom. Whatever happened to bring him to this point must have an eye opening. As the lead character, he earns my attention and admiration. Despite his past, he tends to his family the best way he knows how. Personally, I love characters who are family men who learn from their past. Well, I am assuming Primo learned from his past. It’s only the first issue, there is plenty of room for flashback surprises.

Plus they have a doggy! I always give bonus points to characters with pets. Extreme minus points if something happens to the pet though.

Rocket Salvage caught my eye when I read the words speed racing in space. Mercado’s story telling combined with Bachan made me double check that I wasn’t reading an comic adaptation of an established animation series. Every flows as if you’re watching an animated show, right from the very first panel. So much so, that I could almost imagine wisps of an imaginary soundtrack and sound effects.

Do not assume that because of it’s animation-like fluidity, that this is a fluffy children’s comic. There are some definite adult content here. Even with the violence and other graphic nature,it was still flowed smoothly along with the rest of the issue. This is just the first issue but there was action, adrenaline, comedy bits, intrigue, and endearing moments. Definitely cannot wait to see what the second issue will be bringing.

This is a comic that I would be recommending tot fans of Star Wars or Speed Racer.

Rocket Salvage #1 is available from Boom! Studios at your local comic book retailer.

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