‘True Blood’ Omnibus Volume #1



Thought True Blood is now off the air, for die hard fans of the series the pain of a lost show might still feel fresh. In an attempt to fill the void, IDW Publishing has released the True Blood Omnibus Volume #1. The collection features additional adventures of Sookie, her vampire loves and Sam.

The collection starts with the casts darkest secrets. When a Trickster god and eater of shame arrives in Bon Temps, he heads to the place where the most shame gathers: Merlotte’s. The creature kills Jason’s date and traps Eric, Bill and Sam without their powers. Under an elaborate game of god-truth or dare, some of their deepest secrets are revealed.

The artwork dark, keeping with the feel of the television show. Warning, there is a good deal of nudity with often just a slight covering to hide the more private portions of the human body. There is sex, especially if Eric Northman is discussing his past. Oh, and there’s inquisition style torture as well.

The True Blood Omnibus Volume #1 collects the drama, sexuality and intrigue of the series and includes plenty of eye candy for both sexes.

The True Blood Omnibus Volume #1 is available December 30 from IDW Publications.


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