Memetic #3


imagesIt’s the third and final issue of Memetic and things are not looking good for our heroes, to say the least. Aaron is contemplating suicide after the loss of Ryan, Shaw and his group have all been infected by the meme, and they still have no idea how – or if – they can even fix things.

The really interesting stuff, however, is what’s going on with the screamers. They’ve begun stripping off their clothes and climbing over each other to form improbably tall human towers, their flesh merging together in a bizarre and grotesque transformation. Yeah.

Still, our heroes manage to keep trucking on. Aaron embarks on a rescue attempt of a little girl who had been locked away when the trouble started. Meanwhile, Shaw’s team closes in on the person responsible for unleashing the Good Times Sloth upon the world. I have to say, I was a little worried about how this would play out. Mostly I was just afraid that it would turn out to be some snot-nosed brat who thinks that humanity sucks (or some such nonsense). Luckily, it’s not quite like that – although, to be fair, our villain does nonchalantly offer Shaw and his team tea and cookies. I guess some clichés die harder than others.

Of course, what you’re all really wondering is why anyone would destroy the world like this, and how a simple picture of a sloth could even achieve such a thing. Well, believe it or not, these questions do get answered – to a degree. Without ruining too much, let’s just say that learning the answers to some questions just raises more. Honestly, I’m fine with that sort of thing, especially in the context of a weird, Twilight Zone-sque story like this one. Besides, we’ve been learning new information about the meme along with the characters throughout this miniseries, so why stop now?

The particularly interesting thing to me is the end of the comic. Again, no spoilers (because I really do want you to read it for yourself), but basically our main characters all have to make a choice as to what they want to do next. And honestly, I can’t fault their decisions – if I were in Aaron’s shoes, I would probably do the exact same thing.

I’m going to assume that the only reason you’re reading this review is because while you liked the idea of this comic, you weren’t sure if it was really going to be worth it in the end. Fair enough. Who wants to spend the time and money getting a comic on the strength of an intriguing premise, only to be let down by the ending? So please allow me to assure you that I really dug this final issue. That said, if you are the type who doesn’t like being left with unanswered questions once a story is finished, this might not be for you.

But if you’re into creepy, weird tales about the end of humanity, then by all means, pick up Memetic. Seriously – it’s really good.


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