Strong Female Protagonist: Book #1


cover55972-mediumWhat’s a Mega Girl to do? After a successful career as a crime-fighting super strong heroine, Alison Green just wants to leave the superhero life behind to go to college and get her education. Unfortunately for her, evil doesn’t sleep. Now best friends with a former villain, Alison spends her time trying to study while still getting to the bottom of the crazy world of those around her.

Strong Female Protagonist is a fun read that looks at the difficulties of being a capable woman in the middle of a complicatedly busy life. Alison has disagreements with teachers who refuse to take her seriously because she isn’t human. She gets pizza with friends. She has an awkward and unwanted lesbian experience and she falls for a guy who may not be the best choice. This is all while trying to turn in term papers, study for final exams and simultaneously duck a guy with blades for arms trying to kill her.

While Strong Female Protagonist is a fun read, it can at times seem to not know its audience. The collection seems to one minute attempt to draw in teenagers, but then throws in some pretty hefty language that I wouldn’t want my hypothetical kids repeating in class. Another time it seems like a great work for early college students, but then will fall back into a more childish story. Each page is accompanied with a brief explanation of what’s happening and more often than not it feels less like communicating with the reader and more like the reader is not trusted enough to understand the creators’ (Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag) sense of humor.

Truth be told, I wanted to be madly and totally in love with Strong Female Protagonist but I found myself turned off by unnecessary swearing and over-explanation. The subject matter is great. The story is adorable. I just wish the writers could trust us a little bit more to analyze the story for ourselves.

Strong Female Protagonist is an on-going webcomic. Updates are Tuesdays and Fridays, meaning that the reader doesn’t have to wait too long to get back into the story. ¬†Book One will is available now from Comic Book Retailers or directly from their website here.


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