X-Files: Year Zero Volume #1


cover57441-mediumMulder and Scully investigate a possible cat-shapeshifter incident, receiving a mysterious and incredibly helpful message during the capture of the creature. With a little research, they discover the message had been texted to them from a blue-collar animal control employee with special psychic gift. He tells Mulder and Scully that a Mr. Zero has provided him with the information.  Flashing back to the 1940’s, we see the FBI in some of it’s earliest times. An office assistant with the unfortunate name Miss Millie Ohio spends most of her time fighting off the silly Miss America style jokes pertaining to her name and trying to prove that women are a valuable asset to the FBI. Agent Ellinson is on his department’s last nerve and has been labeled a threat for his loose tactics. When Miss Ohio gets a message from an unknown source, she demands to investigate. With little faith in a woman or Agent Ellinson, the Director allows the two to discover the nature of the message. They come to a woman named Dorthy Sayer with psychic gifts who also communicates with a Mr. Xero. The past influences the future and Mulder and Scully must discover what happened with a woman and how Mr. Zero may still be involved with the X-Files today.

X-Files: Year Zero gives readers a dose of the X-Files we know and love with the added bonus of a 1940’s FBI duo that also solves crimes. The story is convoluted, but engaging, successfully bringing readers back and forth between two eras while still telling a connected story.  For fans of the X-Files, 1940’s period, or noir pieces, Year Zero is a fun read that helps explain some of the earliest days of the X-Files and how the department was formed. The art work changes slightly between the eras, with the modern time being a bit darker and the past having more in the ways of bright colors.  Miss Ohio is a fun character to read and reminds us all that until recently the FBI was not so friendly towards the female of the species.

X-Files: Year Zero is available from IDW Publishing in February 24, 2014. Issue #1-5 are available in single format now for those who can’t wait.


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