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If certain songs stick in your mind are an earworm, then kpop videos that are still constantly re-watched should naturally  be eyeworms. Plus, I love worms. Worms are cool.

In the realm of music, kpop is where the teen in me is still able to frolic about shamelessly. Just like when I was a teen, the videos are compelling for some reason (ok, it’s the colors). Just like then, I still don’t bother to understand the lyrics (english or Korean, I still don’t bother. I just groove). Just listening to it makes me feel good. And that is what no one can take from me.

Thanks to Psy’s Gangnum Style, youtube has been the playground for kpop videos. My poor weary, happy eyes. Here is a (small) list of music videos that I  have been watching for years. This is not the “best of” list, there are plenty of these. These videos are so awesome in their own right that I just keep watching them over, and over, and over again.

Prepare for your eyeballs to be feasted upon the eyeworms.

1. Lee Jung Hyun- “V”– Simon and Martina of Eatyourkimchi.com did a video going over underrated kpop songs. Of the whole list, a zombiefied kpop singer in a ghost story setting caught my eye.In the video, a ghost bride is determined to get a husband. By any means necessary. Spooky, fun, and beautiful.How often do I see that in a kpop video?! Not often!

2. EXO- “Overdose”– The boy band craze is alive and well in S. Korea. One of the best bands of 2014 was EXO. EXO is a combination of two groups: EXO-M is from China and EXO-K is from S. Korea. Both bands will sing the same song but in different languages.I attribute “Overdose” as being the breakout hit for them. Even though there is a weird beginning where I expect a minotaur to come charging through, the rest of the video is phenomenal. Intense choreography, mind-spinning camera angles, catchy tune, and the dance. Plus Chan-yeol helped make it popular from his stint on “Roommates”. The whole video is a continuous one-shot that just highlights how insanely intricate the dance choreography is.


3. Orange Caramel- “My Copycat”– Orange Caramel is known for 2 things: Really pretty girls and really eye-popping music videos. After being mermaids and sushi in “Catallena“, I wondered how this trio would top that. Out of nowhere came this crazy catchy saxophone, split screen game (can you spot the differences?), a cute dance, and a Where’s Waldo reference. All of Orange Caramel’s music videos should be experienced. They are all so much fun!


4. B1A4- “What’s Happening?”– Oh geez, it’s been way over a year since I saw this video and I JUST CAN’T STOP WATCHING IT. Crazy sets, really-oh-my-gosh-really catchy music, and that arm dance at the end! I just can’t do it!!!These guys are way too adorable and I am still really upset I missed their US tour( I would loved to be part of that flash mob in San Francisco). They really better come back…


5. MFBTY- “Sweet Dreams”– ! This music video is sooooo amazing!I feel cool just knowing about it. And now you feel cool too.  The special effects are jaw dropping and the music…how can you not jump put of your chair and mooooove!  Especially that hook.




Om Shanti Om”-Deewangi Deewangi

Coming from one of my favorite Bollywood movies, Om Shanti Om, a marathon of kpop music videos is never complete without rewatching this video. Bollywood and Kpop can go neck in neck for exuberant color, energy, and overall catchy music.


These are only five (plus one) videos and there are plenty more out there on the landscape. Feel free to comment below with your own eyeworm videos. Happy new year everyone!


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