‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’- Rebecca Harrington Experiments With the Celebrity Diets We’re Scared to Try


cover50315-mediumHave you ever wondered how Beyoncé keeps herself fit or how Sophia Loren has managed to look this good for so long? Rebecca Harrington had, and she took that love of celebrity cookbooks to task. In I’ll Have What She’s Having, a side-splittingly funny look at celebrity diets, I found myself snorting with laughter as Rebecca Harrington struggles to follow the often insane health regimens of celebrities. Her attempt to drink as many Diet Cokes a day as Karl Lagerfeld leaves her shaking. Elizabeth Taylor’s steak and peanut butter diet leaves her gagging. Madonna’s workout routine leaves her collapsing as if she has been through a rigorous torture session during the Cold War.

Rebecca Harrington breaks down the diet by the basics, what each day on it is like and her personal struggles as she does everything in her power to stay connected to the diet. Whether it is drinking raw eggs like Marilyn Monroe or the delicious pasta meals of Sophia Loren, Harrington reveals the difficulties and just how many of these diets were actually created by the chefs to the stars rather than the celebrities themselves. It is difficult not to laugh out loud while reading her accounts of wanting to be best friends with Gwenyth Paltrow, or her utter confusion at how to make a few of the recipes without the use of a strainer.

Celebrity diets are a strange thing. Harrington doesn’t deny this; she embraces it.

If you’ve struggled with dieting and want a little pick me up to remind you that there really isn’t anything wrong with you, I highly suggest grabbing a copy of I’ll Have What She’s Having.

I’ll Have What She’s Having is available from Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group on January 6, 2015.


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