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It started off with a lone stuffed animal bear and a man named Michael Bond with an imagination. Bond surrounded this bear with a blue coat, a red hat, a love of marmalade, and decades of stories that have been loved by so many.

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Paddington comes from the Darkest Peru. He is sent away to London by his aging aunt to find a family to take care of him. As he waits patiently at the station, he wears a tag that simply reads “Please look after this bear, Thank you”. After many strangers not giving him a glance, the Browns catch his eye. After much reluctance, they take him in on the condition that it will be only one night. It should be pretty predictable on what kind of movie this is: the magic of a special stranger (or bear) that can change a family for the better…just with bear antics.

I have to say it: PADDINGTON IS EVEN CUTER!! The character was endearing in the books, so adorable in the television series, and now the CGI version just amped up the cuteness. Has it ever hurt your chest when you seen a puppy do something cute, even if it’s doing nothing? That’s how it was. CGI Paddington was so cute that it hurt. It hurt so good. Paddington is voiced marvelously and very fittingly by Ben Whishaw.

The movie had some pretty notable cast members. Such as Hugh Bonneville who plays Earl of Grantham on Downtown Abbey and Peter Capaldi, the twelfth incarnation of Doctor Who. Just a heads up, there is no hidden TARDIS anywhere. Even Nicole Kidman has a role in it. Who looks absolutely stunning in this movie. She played her role so vibrantly and full of energy. Everyone in this movie seemed to genuinely love being in this movie.

For those unfamiliar with Paddington, then it must be absurd to think of how a family would just accept a bear into their family life. First, Paddington is a rare bear that can talk. So right there, just take off your logic glasses and just enjoy the movie. Everything in this movie will be absurd. Done in a very endearing and British way, but still wonderfully absurd.

It surprised me to know that very few people in my circle of acquaintance had heard of Paddington. Most had never known books, or even seen the television episodes. They just know that there is a new movie with a CGI bear and dismissed it as a trivial, childish film.

Once again, the trailers are a poor representation of this movie. This FAR from a trivial, childish farce.  This is sweet movie that everyone should watch. Children, parents, couples, singles, everyone. I can’t think of a person that shouldn’t watch this movie.

Just like the books I read as a child, just like the episodes I watched as I grew older, Paddington still brings a smile to my face. There is this soft beautiful signature containing fun, whimsy, sweetness to the stories. The movie just added a touch more comedy. Ultimately, this is a film that brings a cherished childhood character to the movie screens with some shiny CGI flair.

I loved this movie. I loved this movie so much. There are few movies that will make me smile and just feel happy. That’s what I cherish most about these kinds of movies.

Plus the merchandising will finally appease my long time desire for my own Paddington Bear doll. I have always wanted one.

Paddington will be released in US theaters on January 16, 2015.

Paddington has an official website with historical notes and references! You can check that out here.



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