Agent Carter Mini Series: ‘Now is Not the End’ and ‘Bridge and Tunnel’


agent-carter-tv-showFans of the Captain America franchise have been blessed with a brand new mini-series based on Captain America’s lost love, Agent Peggy Carter. Carter first had her own featurette during the Marvel One Shot of the same name. Hayley Atwell reprises her role as Carter along with Dominic Cooper returning as Howard Stark. For those who haven’t been paying attention Howard is the founder of Stark Industries and Tony Stark (Iron Man’s) father.

The series opened up with Peggy Carter dreaming of her last conversation with Steve Rogers, the one and only Captain America. When she starts her day with flashbacks from her time spent with Captain America during his training and prior to his last battle with Red Skull.

Howard Stark has come into question about his technology ending up in enemy hands. Carter is discontented with her current job working for the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) but gets an interesting proposition when she is tracked down by the disgraced Howard Stark to help clear his name and recover his stolen “toys.” The first is a chemical equation for nitroamien that could be used to level an entire city block. Stark gives Carter the aid of his butler Jarvis to help her on her mission.

Throughout the two-hour special Carter tries to track down the missing formula only to find that it has been weaponized and being transported around New York. The only clue she has is “The Leviathan is coming.” The whole time Carter must also dodge her fellow agents from the SSR who are trying to track down Howard Stark and are always one step behind Carter.

The series is has scenes from Captain America: The First Avenger woven in that recap Carter’s relationship with Steve Rogers and emphasize the impact of his loss. It’s reminiscent of a story line from a Nicholas Sparks novel or Doctor Who episode. I found myself yelling at the screen that he’s not dead just a capicicle.

Throughout the first two episodes there are radio programs of Captain America’s on going fight against Hitler and the Nazis. It becomes a running bit that torments Carter and reminds her of the love she has lost. During one particular fight scene it comically commentates the action going on between Carter and a suspect.

This was an exciting start to a new chapter in the Marvel Universe. Check this one out because if the Marvel One Shot was any hint (which it usually is) we could be seeing the building blocks for Shield and the Avengers initiative. One has to wonder if it will have any connection to the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron.


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